School Principal Message

Sunil Kumar Yadav

Education is all round development of a man. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is a place setting institution both in curricular and co curricular activities. Kendriya Vidyalayas take care to develop the personality of the students in every respect. The students are taught that all power is within them. They can do anything. Nothing is impossible. No obstacle is insurmountable. All the power you need to accomplish or to achieve your goal is within you. You are to toil hard. There is no substitution for hard work. Success comes before work only in the dictionary.
There is always a battle to be fought before the victory is won. So to achieve your goal; you have to put in hard and imaginative toil. You have to do adequate preparation and able execution. Never accept defeat as final. There is no defeat so long as you give in. Keep trying. Keep doing efforts. Never lose heart. Ultimately you will win. What appears impossible today, will become a reality tomorrow with your determination, dedication and application. You are the master of your destiny and captain of your soul. You can decide your destiny and fashion your fate with your own efforts, industry and hard work.

Mr Sunil Kumar Yadav